• Title: Who’s Sucking Up All the World’s Safest Bonds?
    Date/source: , WSJ
    Comment: Right now possible shortages in the quantity of "safe" bonds available to the private sector is a big topic. This may be a symptom of the strange times or or new regulations or of something else.
  • Title: Sovereign-bond issuers shrug off downgrades
    Date/source: , Economist
    Comment: Sometimes downgrades of sovereign debt lead to big jumps in the yields on that debt. But not lately. Why is this? Is it related to the shortage of safe bonds?
  • Title: Surely we're behind some curve
    Date/source: , CFE
    Comment: A CFE post on monetary policy. Talking heads in the market have been worrying that the Fed is "behind the curve." While this borders on conventional wisdom in some parts, it is nonsense.