e607::Applied Macroeconometrics



where: 603 Wyman

when: Tues., 8:30--10:30

who: Jon Faust


office: Wyman

hours: Wed. 8:15-10:00, Daily Grind (Brody) and by appt.


This course examines a selection of topics in macroeconometrics with the goal of developing the integrated set of skills required to perform cutting-edge econometric analysis. This course is the first in a 2 semester sequence. The second semester will be taught by Jonathan Wright.

Throughout the course, there will be a mix of theory and applied work. At the outset, I will emphasize building a solid foundation in theory, as the year progresses there will be more emphasis on applications and more specialized topics.

The course will emphasize theory and the way it can guide first rate empirical work. Consistent with this, I'll emphasize understanding how key proofs work, and not emphasize the mathematical details required to actually complete a proof. There will be a good deal of work on the computer, both analyzing data and running Monte Carlo experiments.

The grade in the course will be assigned based on weekly problem sets (30%), classroom presentations (10%), and a final (60%). The problem sets will mainly be graded either as zero, chekc-minus, check, check-plus, meaning not done, done inadequately, done adequately, done well.


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