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I am the Louis J. Maccini Professor of Economics and serve as Co-Director of the Center for Financial Economics … » more CFE

In Sept. 2014, I returned to Hopkins after nearly 3 years on leave as special adviser to the Federal Reserve Board. It was a great honor and an amazing experience serving the Fed under the leadership of Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen.

That work eclipsed all my academic research and web-related endeavors, however, and this site has been pretty static. I hope that will be changing now. In particular, I should have some new research up soon, and also to have some less academic stuff up attempting to share some of what I've learned over the last three years.

By the way, I'm pretty excited that I'm now working at a &link(,Big 10 school).`

Policy Issues

Some recent work

  • Inflation forecasting; Faust, Jon; Jonathan H. Wright; Handbook of Forecasting, 2:A, 2013, G. Elliott and A. Timmermann eds., 2013, 2-56..
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  • Credit Spreads as Predictors of Real-Time Economic Activity: A Bayesian Model-Averaging Approach; J. Faust, S. Gilchrist, J. Wright, and E. Zakrajsek; Review of Economics and Statistics. 2013, 95:5, 1501--1519..
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  • Border prices and retail prices; D. Berger, Jon Faust, J. Rogers, K. Steverson; Journal of International Economics, 88(1), September 2012, 62-73.
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  • Posterior Predictive Analysis for Evaluating DSGE Models; Jon Faust, Abhishek Gupta; NBER Working Paper 17906, Jan. 2011.
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  • DSGE Models: I Smell a Rat (and It Smells Good); Jon Faust; International Journal of Central Banking, March 2012.
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