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In Jan. 2012, I began a postion as special adviser to the Federl Reserve Board. More details are provided in the Fed's press release and » more Fed Faust

I am on leave from Johns Hopkins University, where I am the Louis J. Maccini Professor of Economics and serve as Director of the Center for Financial Economics … » more CFE

This site exists to help distribute my research and to provide an outlet for, well, you be the judge. The frequency of updating of this site was one of the minor casualties during the crisis. The after effects of the crisis have lingered longer than anyone might hope, which is largely why I am back at the Fed. One after effect that will undoubtedly linger during my stay is the lowered frequency of updating.

Policy Issues

Some recent work

  • Border prices and retail prices; D. Berger, Jon Faust, J. Rogers, K. Steverson; Journal of International Economics, 88(1), September 2012, 62-73.
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  • Posterior Predictive Analysis for Evaluating DSGE Models; Jon Faust, Abhishek Gupta; NBER Working Paper 17906, Jan. 2011.
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  • DSGE Models: I Smell a Rat (and It Smells Good); Jon Faust; International Journal of Central Banking, March 2012.
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  • Inflation forecasting; Faust, Jon; Jonathan H. Wright; prepared for the forthcoming Handbook of Forecasting, 2012..
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