Jon Faust
mostly economics


 Other code/data


  • visit Gauss
  • I have mainly moved to Matlab, but I still use the following a bit. The command line help is my main tool.
  • Read/write STATA dictionaries.
    »[zip 5k]
  • Misc.: Simple 3d matrix, matrix square root, matrix of missings.
    »[zip 1k]
  • Certain restricted eigenvalue problems. Used in this paper.
  • DOS command line help for internal Gauss functions and mine. I've used this for years. You might like it.
    »[pdf 39k], Instructions
    »[zip 221k], Distribution


  • I no longer write many general purpose STATA programs, although I am still fond of knocking out some code starting with version 3.1. I include these old programs for completeness.
  • Visit STATA
  • Note: If you use STATA 8.0 and insheet, you should visit STATA update and get an updated executable. The double option has a bug in 8.0. We've also recently found a bug in tsfill with very large datasets. The fix is pretty simple. Thanks to Sergey Chernenko on both of these.
  • ado programs extending merge multiple .dta and .dct files. Also in STB no.29.
    »[zip 2k]
  • ado program extending (two-way) graph to allow text labels on graph. In STB no.??
    »[zip 3k]