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 Site policies

Use at your own risk

The purpose of this site is to facilitate research. The information and downloadable things on this site come with no explicit or implicit promises of any sort. The maintainers may choose to remove, move, change, or cease to update information at any time.

There is some material from other sites presented (with permission) on this site. There are also links to other sites. I make no promises about this material or these other sites.

I try to make sense, to adhere to academic standards, and to put useful stuff in my papers, programs, and website.

It is true, however, that the papers may be wrong. The site has the entire record of my writings. Some opinions and ideas expressed in the papers may no longer be mine. They may never have been the views of anyone else, including any past, current, or future, employer.

It is almost certainly true that some of the computer code you can download here will behave in ways you find grossly inconsistent from what might be implied by the documentation. Similarly, the data may not be as described.

There now, doesn't that make visiting this site seem a bit more exciting?

Privacy Policy

In general, you can visit the site without revealing who you are and or revealing any personal information about yourself. In using some features you must give personal information. For example, in requesting copies of published papers you must give personal information that I need to fulfill the request consistent with permissions policies of certain journals.

It is my intent that your personal information will be used only to fulfill your request. I will not intentionally exchange, sell, or otherwise disseminate your email address or any other personal information shared during your visit. I will not send you any email that you do not initiate.

You can use this site without using “cookies.”

Your visit to this site, like your visits to all sites, generates certain information that goes into logs generated by the web server at the host of the site. I sometimes inspect these web logs, but will not intentionally share these logs with anyone.

Steal the look and feel

In the unlikely event you would like to copy some aspect of the web site design, feel free to do so without attribution.

This goes for HTML, CSS, and PHP elements.

Some of the logos (gif's and jpeg's) come from my research, and I'd like some credit if you steal those. Feel free to use them, however.

None of this goes for any of my opinions, analysis, or other content in the research papers. That stuff is subject to standard academic standards of use. In short, don't steal them; don't steal the ideas; don't quote them without proper attribution.